Basma Bouharicha

On the historical evolution of the performance versus cost ratio of Raspberry Pi computers

By David Beserra, Nidà Meddouri, Célia Restes, Anys Nait Zerrad, Basma Bouharicha, Aurore Duvernoy


In Conférence francophone d’informatique en parallélisme, architecture et système (compas 2023)

Abstract This article aims to analyze the historical evolution of the cost/performance ratio of the Raspberry Pi family of computers, given their representativeness in the field of single-board computers. While comparing the cost/performance ratio of different models of single-board computers is not a new idea, there are no studies focused on evaluating the performance evolution and associated costs of all generations of the Raspberry Pi B line. Our analysis considered all generations of Raspberry Pi B line available on the market until 2023, and we adjusted computer prices based on the 2012 dollar value, the year of the first Raspberry Pi’s launch.

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