Software and performance Axis

The “software” transversal axis fosters exchanges around the design and creation of efficient, open and useful software. We value the fine art of software writing, which is one of the key skills taught here at EPITA, and we want teachers and researchers to be happy and talented programmers.

We organize events of the following forms:

  • internal seminars and discussions to encourage knowledge sharing
  • seminars from external, invited speakers to learn from the experts
  • training sessions to ensure basic skills for everyone

We aim at offering a friendly, inclusive and fun learning time for any lab member. Sessions are announced in advance widely, and the technical level of their content may vary from introductory to hard core expert.

The “software” transversal axis is also the right group to discuss resources, tools and engineering support that researchers may need to get their job done, to later report these needs to the lab’s management.


Axis leader: Joseph Chazalon

Members :

  • David Beserra
  • Edwin Carlinet
  • Alexandre Duret-Lutz
  • Marc Espie
  • Jonathan Fabrizio
  • Thibault Lejemble
  • Adrien Pommellet
  • Philipp Schlehuber
  • Daniel T. Stan
  • Didier Verna
  • Ghiles Ziat