Robotics Axis

The purpose of the robotics axis of the LRE is to federate the activities concerning robotics at Epita. Indeed, robotics being an intrinsically transverse discipline, it is found through the different themes of the EPITA research groups (Automata, Image Processing, AI, etc.) and shares points of convergence with the other two axes (Machine Learning and Software and Performance).


The robotics axis, through the expertise of its members, focuses in particular on the following themes:

  1. Mobile field robotics for exploration
  2. Distributed robotics
  3. Certification and formal verification
  4. Robots and innovative pedagogy
  5. Thematic mapping (3D reconstruction and visualization, object recognition and identification, etc.)


The events we organize are of different types:

  • thematic seminars to share knowledge and experiences to enrich the members
  • inter-axis seminars on cross-cutting themes to promote the cross-fertilization of knowledge between the members
  • thematic round tables to exchange ideas, discute and debate between members
  • working meetings to set up internal collaborations between members
  • workshops to initiate and train the members on specific thematics


Axis co-leaders: Laurent Beaudoin, Loïca Avanthey

Members :