Machine learning and applications Axis

The « ML axis » of LRE applies Machine/Deep Learning techniques in the following domains:

  • Biomedical Imaging (Nicolas Boutry)
  • Computer Vision (Nicolas Boutry, Thibault Lejemble, Olivier Ricou, Guillaume Tochon)
  • Cybersecurity (Nicolas Boutry)
  • Formal Concept Analysis (Nidà Meddouri)
  • Speech Processing (Réda Dehak)

Some of us work in Data Science:

  • Data Mining (Idir Benouaret, Lamine Diop, Marc Plantevit)

and in the Artificial Intelligence field:

  • Classification Methods (Nidà Meddouri)
  • Feature Selection Methods (Nidà Meddouri)
  • Graphs Neural Networks (Nicolas Boutry, Marc Plantevit)
  • Recommendation Systems (Idir Benouaret, Marc Plantevit),
  • SAT Solving and Constraint-based Programming
  • xAI (Nicolas Boutry, Marc Plantevit)

Others develop new tools or methodologies relative to Machine/Deep Learning:

  • Morphological Layers for Neural Networks (Guillaume Tochon)
  • xAI Methodologies (Nicolas Boutry)


Axis leader: Idir Benouaret

Members :

  • Guillaume Tochon
  • Fabrice Boissier
  • Nicolas Boutry
  • Nidà Meddouri
  • Olivier Ricou
  • Thibault Lejemble