Daniel Stan

Daniel Stan
  • Site: Paris
  • Group: automata and applications
  • Axis: software and performance
Contact information
Email daniel.[lastname]@[domain name]

Short Bio

I am an “Enseignant Chercheur” (Associate Professor) at EPITA, Strasbourg, in the the Automata and Applications group.

Before joining Epita in October 22:


My research interests include formal methods and model checking techniques with a particular focus on:

  • Stochastic systems and games
  • Multi-agent systems
  • Verification, parameterized in the number of processes/agents

In particular, my current work is focused on exact/active learning algorithms with applications to parameterized model checking.


For a full list of publications, you can check:


At Epita, I give the following lectures, with bold font when I’m main lecturer and organizing the class (référent).

  • CPXA (complexité des algorithmes)
  • MOB1_APP (modélisation objet 1, section apprentissage)
  • LOFO (logique formelle)
  • NET2 (éléments de réseau 2)
  • ALGOREP (algorithmiqiue répartie)
  • AA/AGS (électif Automate et Applications and its twin brother automata for games and synthesis)

For more content, visit my personal website or my previous academic page here at TUK.