Léonard Tschora

Forecasting electricity prices: An optimize then predict-based approach

By Léonard Tschora, Erwan Pierre, Marc Plantevit, Céline Robardet


In Advances in intelligent data analysis XXI

Abstract We are interested in electricity price forecasting at the European scale. The electricity market is ruled by price regulation mechanisms that make it possible to adjust production to demand, as electricity is difficult to store. These mechanisms ensure the highest price for producers, the lowest price for consumers and a zero energy balance by setting day-ahead prices, i.e. prices for the next 24h. Most studies have focused on learning increasingly sophisticated models to predict the next day’s 24 hourly prices for a given zone.

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Electricity price forecasting on the day-ahead market using machine learning

Abstract The price of electricity on the European market is very volatile. This is due both to its mode of production by different sources, each with its own constraints (volume of production, dependence on the weather, or production inertia), and by the difficulty of its storage. Being able to predict the prices of the next day is an important issue, to allow the development of intelligent uses of electricity. In this article, we investigate the capabilities of different machine learning techniques to accurately predict electricity prices.

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