Adrien Pommellet

Adrien Pommellet
  • Site: Paris
  • Group: automata and applications
  • Axis: software and performance
Contact information
Email adrien.[lastname]@[domain name]
Office “Enseignants Chercheurs” room next to elevator, Third floor, KB Paritalie

Short Bio

After graduating from the Parisian Master of Research in Computer Science in 2012, I worked for two years as a research engineer at CS Communications & Systèmes with a focus on cryptography and cyber-security. I then did a PhD in Computer Science at the Université Paris-Diderot under the direction of Tayssir Touili. I introduced new model-checking techniques for pushdown automata and studied their potential applications to concurrent systems. I then joined the LRE’s verification team in 2019.


My current research interest lies in active learning of various types of automata, pushdown automata, and model-checking algorithms and tool development for Büchi automata (Spot).


For a full list of publications, you can check [DPLB] (


I give the following lectures at EPITA (bolded whenever I’m the main lecturer).

  • CPXA (complexité des algorithmes)
  • FOLO (formalisation logique)
  • THLR (théorie des langages rationnels)
  • THL (théorie des langages)
  • COMP (formalisation logique)
  • LOFO (logique formelle)
  • AA (électif Automate et Applications)
  • THL APP (théorie des langages pour apprentis)

For more content, visit my personal website.

I am also part of the EPITA’s Teaching Lab (pedagogical team) and the main referent for the common theoretical computer science curriculum (référent national en informatique théorique).