Amazigh Amrane

Amazigh Amrane
  • Site: Paris
  • Group: automata and applications

Short Bio

I received the Master’s degree in Theoritical Computer Science from Rouen University, France, in 2016 and a PhD in Automata and Logics from the same university in 2020.
Still at Rouen University, I was a Temporary Assistant Professor from 2020 to 2021. I was a Computer Science teacher at Toulon university from 2021 et 2022. Since September 2022, I am Assistant Professor at EPITA Paris and the Automata and Applications group of the EPITA Research Laboratory (LRE).

Contact information


My research is in the areas of concurrency theory and recognizable (by automaton) (finite or infinite) structures. I’m currently involved in The (i)Po(m)set Project.