Didier Verna

Didier Verna
  • Site: Paris
  • Group: automata and applications
  • Axis: software and performance

Short Bio

Professor of Computer Science (HDR / PhD) at EPITA Paris and LRE. Founder and head of the European Lisp Symposium steering committee. Also semi-professional Jazz musician and composer (3 albums), and radio journalist. Also Aïkido teacher and coach in personal development.

Contact information
Email didier.verna@epita.fr


My research is in the areas of programming paradigms and language expressiveness, in particular multi-paradigm approaches, dynamic object-orientation, meta-object protocols and reflexive architectures. I have a special applicative interest in computer-aided typesetting.


See https://www.lrde.epita.fr/~didier/research/publications/

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