Marie Puren

Marie Puren
  • Site: Paris
  • Group: digital methods for humanities and social sciences
  • Head of Digital Methods for Humanities and Social Sciences (MNSHS) since 11/2022
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Short bio

I have been an associate professor in history and digital humanities at the LRE since October 2022. From May 2021 to September 2022, I was an associate professor at EPITECH in the MNSHS laboratory (Digital Methods for Human and Social Sciences). From January 2016 to August 2018, I was a research engineer in digital humanities in the ALMAnaCH project team at Inria, before becoming a post-doctoral fellow in history and digital humanities at LARHRA in Lyon until April 2021.

I defended my thesis in history (under the supervision of Elisabeth Parinet) in February 2016 at the Ecole nationale des chartes, after a master’s degree in digital humanities at the Ecole nationale des chartes and a master’s degree in history and theory of politics at Sciences Po Paris (under the supervision of Jean-François Sirinelli).

My research interests are particularly focused on history and digital humanities. In particular, I use methods from natural language processing to study the circulation of political ideas in France during the Third Republic.

Research interest

  • Diffusion of extreme right-wing ideas in France (Third Republic)
  • Intellectual collaboration in Second World War France
  • History of books: Propaganda through books in France during the two World Wars; Spoliation of Jews in publishing
  • History of literature during the Third Republic: popular literature; literature for children and young adults; literary collaboration
  • Digital history: XML-TEI, NLP and Network analysis
  • Creation of tools for the analysis of historical data


  • AGODA (Analyse sémantique et Graphes relationnels pour l’Ouverture et l’étude des Débats à l’Assemblée nationale), funded by the DataLab of the Bibliothèque nationale de France (2021-2023)

With the IMAGE group, I also contribute to the SoduCo project (Social Dynamics in Urban Context: open tools, models, and data – Paris and its suburbs, 1789-1950) funded by the ANR (2019-2023).


You can find my publications on Hal.

Program Committees

  • DH Benelux 2023
  • DH Nord 2022


Reviews and evaluations for digital humanities conferences. In particular for Digital Humanities, the leading international conference in the field, and for leading international and national conferences in the discipline such as the Association for Computers and the Humanities Conference for North America, Digital Humanities in the Baltic and Nordic Countries for Baltic countries and Scandinavia, DH Nord and the Humanistica conference for France.

Evaluation for the journals Humanités numériques and Open Journal of Information Systems Engineering


IA Institut:

  • Methodology of documentary research (1st year)
  • Controversy Mapping (1st year)
  • Environmental impact of digital technology (2nd year)
  • Introduction to the history of sciences (2nd year)


  • Work methodology for undergraduate students - Bachelor Cybersecurity (1st year)