Nicolas Boutry

Nicolas Boutry
  • Site: Paris
  • Group: image processing and pattern recognition
  • Axis: machine learning and applications

Short Bio

My name is Nicolas Boutry and I obtained my Master of Science on Digital Signal Processing in 2002 at ESIEE Paris with honors. I have been for four years at EPFL to give courses on signal processing and study image and video compression. I worked then at MyCO2 as a research engineer on intelligent cars using Artificial Intelligence. After that, I went to EPITA to realize my Ph.D. on Discrete Topology (on well-composed images) under the supervision of Thierry Géraud (EPITA) and Laurent Najman (ESIEE Paris). I am now assistant professor at EPITA. I am also responsible on the Data Science and Artificial Intelligence specialization (SCIA Major) at EPITA.

Contact information
Tel 06 76 80 10 53



I am currently working on the following topics:

  • Discrete topology (well-composed images).
  • Mathematical Morphology (MM) (on the tree of shapes) with Thierry Géraud (EPITA), Laurent Najman (ESIEE Paris), and Edwin Carlinet (EPITA).
  • The relations between MM relations with Topological Data Analysis (TDA) with Laurent Najman (ESIEE Paris).
  • Spectral Graph Theory applied to Cybersecurity with Pierre Parrend (EPITA) and Majed Djaber (EPITA).
  • AI-based Crowd Counting with Benjamin Perret (ESIEE Paris) and Célian Raimbault (EPITA).
  • AI-based Data compression with Vlad Argatu (EPITA).
  • Light transformes for Computer Vision with Nathan Habib (EPITA).
  • AI-based Radiotherapy Prediction in biomedical imaging with Charlotte Robert at the Gustave-Roussy Institute (IGR), Elodie Puybareau (EPITA), Jonathan Fabrizio (EPITA).
  • eXplainable Artificial Intelligence with Laurent Najman (ESIEE Paris) and Caroline Mazini-Rodrigues.


For a full list of publications, you can check: