Quentin Peyras

Quentin Peyras
  • Site: Toulouse
  • Group: automata and applications

Short Bio

I have been an associate professor at EPITA since September 2022. From October 2021 to August 2022, I was a teaching assistant at ENSEEIHT. I completed my PhD thesis in January 2022 under the supervision of David Chemouil and Julien Brunel at ONERA Toulouse.

Research Interest

  • Temporal logics
  • Verification of distributed systems
  • SAT Solvers


You can find my publications on dblp. My PhD thesis is available in french.


  • Safety Analysis of complex systems (SSIE major)
    • Kripke structures and temporal logics
    • Specification and verification with TLA+ and TLC
    • Model-checking algorithms