Edwin Carlinet

Edwin Carlinet
  • Site: Paris
  • Group: image processing and pattern recognition
  • Axis: software and performance

Public calendar

Short Bio

I received the Ing. diploma from Ecole Pour l’Informatique et les Techniques Avancées (EPITA) in 2011, specialized in Imaging and Scientific Computing. I then received the M.Sc. in Applied Mathematics for Computer Vision and Machine Learning with honors from Ecole Normale Supérieure de Cachan in 2012 and a Phd from Université Paris-Est in 2015.

I’m currently an assistant professor with the EPITA Research Laboratory (LRE)

My interests are twofold:

  • Image Processing and Statistical Learning. I have some affinities with Mathematical Morphology approaches to solve imaging problems.
  • Efficient programming and algorithmic optimization. I am a skilled C++ programmer interested in exploiting the new C++ features to get both efficient, readable and easy-to-write programs.
Contact information
Email edwin1.carlinet@epita.fr
Tel +33 1 53 14 59 44


Research interest

My research interests lie in the fields of mathematical morphology - notably the use of hierarchical representations, and the efficient implementation of Math. Morphology operators, high performance computing, with applications in document image processing (astrometry).

I am also the lead developer of Pylene, an image processing library implementing generic and efficient mathematical morphology related algorithms.

Examples of on-going projects include:

  • The SoDuCo project where image processing expertise of the LRE is used to extract massively data from XIX’ trade directories of Paris. This is a joint work with the LASTIG (université Gustave Eiffel, IGN-ENSG), the EHESS, and the Archives Nationales)
  • The fast implementation of mathematical morphology-related algorithms on massevely parallel architectures (join-work with the ALSOC team from LIP6 - Sorbonne Université).


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I currently supervise the PhD work of:

  • B. Esteban (since Nov. 2020). Modern and efficient implementations of Mathematical Morphology algorithms for image processing and noise estimation. Joint supervision with Didier Verna and Guillaume Tochon

Former Phd students:

Former RDI Student:

  • Guillaume Thomas (RDI-2023), Post-OCR correction of documents (with J. Chazalon)
  • Philippe Bernet (RDI-2023), Kalman Filter implementation for robust line detection (with J. Chazalon)
  • Quentin Kaci (RDI-2022), Fast implementation of the quasi flat-zone hierarchy
  • Nicolas Blin (RDI-2022), Implementation of the Max-Tree algorithm on massively parallel architectures
  • Yassine Damiri (PCR-2024), Parallel implementation of the Tree of Shapes
  • Victor Simonin (PCR-2023), Fast implementation of hierarchies of segmentation
  • Virgile Hirtz (PCR-2021), *Generioc image processing in C++"
  • Célian Gossec (RDI-2021), Static/dynamic bridge in C++


I am teaching the following courses at EPITA:

  • Parallel programming (12H) (ING1 level - third year of undergrad studies)
  • Data compression (12H) (ING1 level - third year of undergrad studies)
  • C++ (8H) (ING1 level - third year of undergrad studies)
  • Algorithmics (24H) (ING1 level - third year of undergrad studies)
  • GPU programming (12H) (ING2 level - fourth year of undergrad studies)

I am a teaching assistant for:

  • Théorie des Langages Rationnel (10H) (SPE - for second year of undergrad studies)

I am teaching the following courses at Sup’Biotech

  • Computer programming - Bioinformatics (third year of undergrad studies)